Mastering Microsoft Excel

This course is suitable for those who are currently using MS Excel on a regular basis but may not have attended formal training recently or may never have attended training. It is also the next step for those who have already completed Microsoft Excel Basics and would like to explore further functionality available within MS Excel. Prior to attending this training, you should have a basic working knowledge of Excel and be using it on a fairly regular basis (although previous training is not required).

We will begin the day with an overview of some of the more basic topics. This will act as a recap for those who have already attended Microsoft Excel Basics – Essential Skills, and will ensure that the experienced users who have not attended formal training will become more aware of the use of Speed Keys etc. We will then move on to more intermediate topics such as working with and linking multiple worksheets, creating charts, managing lists (Sorting & AutoFilter) among some others.

Please click on the link below to download the full course outline.

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