Microsoft PowerPoint

We offer a range of courses in Microsoft PowerPoint including a 1-day PowerPoint Essentials programme or a more intensive programme for advanced users of PowerPoint.

In addition to the 1-Day programmes, we also offer a “Blended Training” approach where we combine business skills with technology through our 2-Day programme. This course “Complete Presentation Skills” combines presentation skills with the effective use of Microsoft PowerPoint offering the complete solution to designing & delivering presentations.

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We can also create a customised course outline to address any specific requirements you might have – please contact us for more information.

Mastering MS PowerPoint

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to be able to produce and run professional looking slide shows in an efficient and time effective manner. No previous experience of MS PowerPoint is required; however, it is important that those attending have a good working knowledge of other Microsoft applications e.g. MS Word or Excel.

We will look at the basics of slide content from text based slides through to inserting ClipArt, pictures, photos, movie clips etc. We will also look at formatting the slide show in a number of different ways including applying PowerPoint design templates.

A number of alternative slide layouts are available to the standard bulleted list layout. We will explore some of these options including the use various diagrams. Once the content is complete, we will then look at adding the finishing touches to your slide show by adding custom animation. Learn then how to run the slide show in the most professional way possible through the use of some simple shortcut keys. Most importantly, learn the Dos and Don’ts of PowerPoint.

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Complete Presentation Skills with MS PowerPoint

This 2-day programme combines the perfect balance of theory with practical presentation techniques along with the use of MS PowerPoint. This results in a comprehensive training course giving participants the skills required to deliver effective presentations in a clear, concise and confident manner.

This course will help the participant understand presentation techniques and how to effectively use various visual aids including PowerPoint. A practical hands-on approach is taken, allowing participants to practice and deliver their presentations a number of times throughout the 2 days. Two of these sessions will be recorded and feedback will be offered.

In addition to theory and practical presentation techniques you will learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint effectively – Learn the “do’s” and “don’ts” of using PowerPoint as a presentation too. Remember that PowerPoint should add to, and not distract from your presentation.

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