Microsoft Word

The majority of people who use Microsoft Word on a regular basis believe that they there is no real requirement for training in MS Word. However time and time again once they do attend training I hear exclaimations such as “If only I knew that a couple of weeks ago…..”.

The fact is that even experienced users of MS Word will benefit from attending a training session. We will look at faster methods of performing everyday tasks using a range of Shortcut Keys in addition to exploring the more advanced functionality that is available within the application.

A range of Microsoft Word courses is available from beginners to advanced.

We also offer a ‘Blended Training’ programme incorporating the use of Microsoft Word – our 2-day ‘Complete Business & Report Writing’ course adopts a hands-on approach and shows particpants how to apply the ‘theory’ of business writing skills through the use of MS Word.

Please see each of the individual courses listed below.

We can also create a customised course outline to address any specific requirements you might have – please contact us for more information.

Microsoft Word Level One – Introduction

This course is suitable for anyone new to Microsoft Word and also for those who may currently use Word from time to time but have a limited working knowledge of the application.

Over one day, we will cover everyday features and look at how you can save time and effort through the use of shortcuts & speed keys. We will also take the mystery out of working with functionality such as tabulated lists (Tabs), paragraph Indents, setting different page settings in the same document etc.

On completion of this course you will be able to use the everyday features of MS Word in the most effective way possible and have a better understanding of how MS Word operates.

Please click on the link below to download the full course outline.

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Mastering Microsoft Word

This course is suitable for those who are currently using MS Word on a regular basis but may not have attended formal training recently or may never have attended training. It is also the next step for those who have already completed Word Level One and would like to explore further functionality available within MS Word. You should have a good working knowledge of Word before attending this training, if this is not the case, to ensure that this is the case, please complete the MS Word pre-course questionnaire.

We will begin the day with an overview of some of the Level One topics. This will act as a recap for those who have already attended Level One and will also ensure that the experienced users who have not attended Level One become more aware of the use of Speed Keys etc.

In addition to the Level One topics (shortcuts, speedkeys, working with tabs & indents) some further topics covered include working with headers & footer & page numbering (from basic to complex). Learn to layout your document in a more professional manner using tables.

Please click on the link below to download the full course outline.

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